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Gadgets allow you to view our content in your favorite desktop tool. Especially Microsoft and Google provide platforms to add gadgets to. Microsoft started Live.com on which you can add content from various sources, including our gadgets (see below). Within MS Vista it is also possible to add gadgets. Google started Google Desktop and the personalised homepage, both allow you to add your own content. Choose a gadget from the following list and go to your favorite desktop tool:

Gadget 1: Windows Vista Sidebar

Part of Vista is the sidebar on which gadgets can be installed. Meteox offers the ability to add a small image of the radar to the sidebar: gadget here.

Gadget 2: Google personalised page

Google personalised page: to setup the radar click here.

Gadget 3: Google desktop

Google desktop: setup can be found here

Gadget 4: Live.com

http://www.meteox.com/live.com/MeteoxGadget.xml can be added to Live.com.

Gadget 5: RSS

RSS feed meteox.